Sunday School Small Groups
Every Sunday at 9:15am

Sunday School provides a relaxed small group environment where people have the opportunity to connect with other people in our church.  Sunday School keeps our church small, even as it grows larger, and is the best place to develop new friendships and nurture God-given relationships in your life. 

Each class is organized by age so that each person finds themselves in a group of individuals experiencing some to of the same life experiences.  Come and see the difference studying God’s Word in Sunday School can make in your life.

As you arrive, one of our greeters will be happy to assist you in finding your class…

Infants – 3 years old              Nursery 100-101

Preschool                               Nursery 102

Kindergarten                          Room 201

1st – 2nd Grade                    Room 203

3rd – 4th Grade                    Room 204

5th Grade                              Room 202

6th – 8th Grade                     Fellowship Hall

9th – 12th Grade                   Fellowship Hall

College & Career(18-25)      Room 205

Young Adults (25-34)             Room 207

Adult I (35-44)                       Room 200

Adult II (45-54)                      Fellowship Hall

Adult III (55-64)                     Youth Building

Adult III (65-74)                     Room 104

Adult IV (75-up)                     Room 105

Adult VII (Ladies Only)           Room 103